512MB Swivel USB Drive;Swivel USB Flash; USB Flash Memory Drive

SKU: AI3813



We simply copy your data directly to your flash drives/Memory card,which means that the data is literally just copied into the memory of the Flash Drive/Memory card. The user can open the data, modify it and overwrite it or delete it as they see fit. The memory chip of the Flash Drive is split into two:(1)an open public part that the user can read and write to as normal and a separately protected,(2) locked part with the data in. This data can be opened and used, but cannot be modified or deleted ,The Flash Drive appears on your desktop as two drives.

Additional Information

Color as request
Imprint Method silkscreen or laser
Minimum Order Quantity 100 pcs
Size(Inches) 55*19*10mmH

Quantity(pcs) 100 2005008001000
Unit Price($)4.844(T)4.35(T)3.634(T)3.431(T)3.207(T)